Firm Foundations Dance Academy

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Award System



At each stage of the dance curriculum children participate in a non-competitive award scheme designed to celebrate their dancing achievements and commitment to class whilst building self - esteem.


At the beginning of each grade children receive a fun pack and small gift with resources to take home. They are also given an award card which is stamped on a weekly basis to document their progress throughout the course.The award cards, stickers and medals encourage children to value their work and acknowledge their progress. The children bring their award card home on completion to share with you.


Each award card goal shows a different dance movement, term of dance vocabulary or demonstrates dance etiquette. Children can talk about these at home as a focal point to encourage discussion and recall skills.


On completion of two award cards children receive a medal, progressing through their bronze, silver and gold before moving on to the next grade.


Children love working towards a goal and have a great sense of pride and satisfaction when they are presented with their medal, enjoying the applause from parents and class mates.


Twice a year we have  Watching weeks to give parents an opportunity to see what we have been working on throughout the term and also to see their child receive their medal / rosette.


In addition to this we have shows and participate in local carnivals/events.